The Yoga of Compassionate Action

Community Yoga is the yoga of compassionate action. Our mission is to nurture leadership, build community and inspire wellness. We use Yoga and Mindfulness as tools for change. Rooted in compassion and connection, we are called to awaken and take action in response, creating a peaceful, just, and connected global community.

Giving Back to Your Community

Community Yoga Austin thrives thanks to corporations, local businesses, community organizations and community-minded individuals whom partner with us to provide funding for the valuable services and programs we offer free of charge in Austin community. If you, or someone you know, has ever been touched by our work, please consider donating to our cause. Large or small, every contribution makes a difference.

Give what you want the most. Give because it feels good. Give because it transforms lives. Give because as one life changes the world changes. As one life heals, a ripple is created touching everything in its path making our community a happier, healthier, and safer place to live.

Donate One-Time or join our Monthly Giving Program.

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Contact Us for Community and Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Us for Community and Volunteer Opportunities

Learn Who We Are

Community Yoga Austin is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of Austinites, and we need the support of the larger Austin community to continue this important work. Learn more about us and who we are.

What “Yoga” Is

Yoga is waking up to the peace, wisdom and love inside of us. It is learning to live  with compassion and kindness, to care for the welfare of ourselves and others. It is learning to appreciate the beauty of inner silence, listening deeply to life, seeing it in perspective, and meeting it with acceptance. Yoga is living a life of virtue guided by our sense of inner purpose and values. It is awakening to the basic goodness and sanity at the core of our being

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